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Please fill out the Rental Application by completing the form below and clicking "submit" at the bottom of the page.  You will receive a call from our office if we have any questions regarding your application.

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I understand that my Application Fee is non-refundable, and that any Lease or Reservation becomes void if my application is not approved by the Management. If my application is not approved, I understand that my Deposit or Reservation Fee will be refunded to me. I understand that the Application Fee I have paid is non-refundable. I, therefore, authorize Landmark Properties to investigate my credit, references, employment and any other information that they deem necessary or appropriate in order to process my application. I understand that if my application is denied for any reason, that I must request the reason why in writing. If applicant has made any misstatements in material facts relating to the application and/or lease, Landmark Properties, at its option, may deny approval of application. I further agree that should I as the tenant of Landmark Properties, or my Guarantor, default on any terms of the Lease agreement and Landmark Properties is forced to seek collection thereof, it may procure a most recent copy of my credit reports.

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